The family keeps growing!

We have added yet another motorcycle to the family. We got lucky and were able to buy this beauty from a friend and fellow bike engineer. We were able to take it for a short spin and the its power is enormous. Rumor has it that we will modify the Moto Guzzi a little further and use it to compete next year... Stay tuned. 



Addition to the family

On our long way back from the never ending summer in France we checked out a few bike shops and private seller. In Lyon we eventually found something more than interesting. This 19xx Yamaha 250cc racing machine was for sale and we had to go for it. Next summer we will take it to the track and let you know just how well it performs. Must be nothing short but amazing. On the picture you see the Yamaha next to our latest assignment, a Harley Davidson Sportster Bobber (more pictures will follow soon). We weren't quite sure if the two would get along well, but turns out they like each other!