Young Guns Speed Shop | where the magic happens.

Small yet beautiful. This is probably the best way to describe the atelier where the Young Guns bikes are made. Located in Rapperswil, Switzerland, it offers everything you need to deliver exceptional work. However, as business keeps growing, Young Guns are preparing to expand to a second, larger location. 



Nik Heer | passionate. free spirit. motorcycle lover.

Nik is the head of the Speed Shop, creative brain and mechanical mastermind. From an early age, Nik was fascinated with engines; he had read his first book about engines long before he was allowed to ride a motorized bike. During his youth he was constantly working on bikes, the only thing that changed was the size of the toys. He soon started to help out his fellow friends to fix and modify their bikes. After finishing his education as a multi-disciplined engineer, Nik is now building, restoring and customizing motorbikes for a living, working on a wide range of bikes.

with an age of 26 years, nik is one of the very young bucks holding a record in bonneville. Beside LANDSPEEDRACING HE IS A FEARED dirt track RIDER ON AN INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL TRIUMPH track master. when not working on his projects or racing motorbikes, Nik can be found snowboarding, skateboarding, making music or working on his art projects. Nik lives and works in Rapperswil, Switzerland.



Fabian witzig | innovater. young buck. down to earth.

growing up on a farm fabian had an endless playground and all the machinery one can think of to get wild. just like nik he started to work on all kinds of engines and machines at an early age. fabian is never short of an idea how to work around technical problems with our bikes and he’s a true master of the craftsmanship. he joined the young guns TWO YEARS AGO  and, even though being the youngest of the bunch, HE has proven himself as an invaluable member both on a personal and professional level. 

when he is not in the workshop (where he currently is almost 24/7) fabian loves playing guitar, or he helping out on his dads grain farm where the boys often build tracks and ride. fäbe lives in feldbach. 




Marco Zesiger | babyface assassin. balls of steel. faster than you

zesi is a serious racer. he has started riding motocross when he was 6 years old and never went for a break. WITH just 21 years he has already taken part in the swiss motocross championship 13 times IN A ROW. sounds angry but actually he is one of the most lovely guyS and always up for stealing horses. when marco will finish his educational path this year, he will join the team in the workshop as a reliable and innovative machinist.

when marco isn`t in the saddle, he loves to strawl around on dance floors and just wants to have a great time. zesI lives in wolfhausen, just between the other two lads.




ale grew up with nik in rapperswil and they have known each other since their early childhood. the two of them spent their whole lifetime together doing lots of things and never really grew up. when ale bought his first bike, he and nik modified it with the help from some talented friends. that was the time when he met the other guys from young guns and developed his passion for riding motorbikes. ale has a day time job, but spends all his free time supporting the whole crew in administrative matters and marketing.

 when he isn’t ride his bike or having huge camp fires with his companions, he can be found snowboarding, jamming or having a few beers with his beloved ones. ale lives in zurich.



Young Guns | forever young.


The Young Guns are a small, yet exclusive club. Coming from all different backgrounds and ages, the members share one passion in particular: Classic Motorbikes.

A few years back Nik and a handful of his friends started buying classic motorcycles from all over Europe, restoring them and often modifying them into café racers. Over the years, more friends got suck into the passion and the crew grew to a good dozen members. They meet on a regular basis to go for a ride, helping each other fixing bikes or just having a blast all together. The Speed Shop is the clubs headquarter.